Belgate I - Black

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Featuring an arched top, the Belgate I is a stylish cabinet with two doors and ample storage space. The doors feature a mirrored inlay and a stunning lattice patterned front. Behind the doors is a generous amount of storage space and two shelves to rack up your favorite items. The Belgate I is seen in a dark, charcoal black polish on wood, making it a head-turner in spaces based on the Enduring Elegance design style.


  • Sturdy Construction 
  • Featuring a sturdy, wooden frame and chassis, the Belgate I is a stunning cabinet that is built to stand the test of time. 


  • Superior Finish 
  • The sturdy construction of the Belgate I is complemented by a smooth, black finish that is guaranteed to elevate your space. 


  • Elegant Design   
  • Designed to cater to elegantly styled spaces, the Belgate I flaunts an arched chassis and mirror-inlay door fronts with an intricate lattice pattern on them.  
  • Ample Storage 
  • Equipped with a shelf behind the intricately designed doors, the Belgate I offers ample storage space for all a wide mix of your favorite items.


  • No Assembly Required 
  • Delivered pre-assembled, the Belgate I is ready to turn heads in your house as soon as it arrives at the door.