Elbert II

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The Elbert II is a beautiful dining chair featuring a four-legged, light-brown toned wooden frame with a perfectly cushioned, seat and backrest. What makes the Elbert II stand out is the plush, grey-toned fabric that covers the seat and backrest which extends to cover the four legs. The fabric covering hides most of the wooden accents on the chair, making it look like an all fabric piece. In addition to all this, the chair also sports fabric wrapped armrests for added comfort. With soft grey fabric tones, the Elbert II looks fabulous in spaces based on the Enduring Elegance or Mercana Modern design styles. 


  • Sturdy Construction 
  • Built on a solid Beechwood frame finished in a natural brown polish, the Elbert II dining chair is stable and exceptionally sturdy. 


  • Plush Fabric Wrap 
  • The Elbert II, wrapped in plush grey-toned fabric, makes for a comfortable as well as a visually enticing addition to any dining room.  


  • Elegant Design 
  • Designed to add a touch of elegance to your dining area, the Elbert II flaunts a juxtaposition of clean lines and soft fabric tones that give it the ultimate, contemporary elegant vibe. 


  • No Assembly Required 
  • Delivered pre-assembled, the Elbert II is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.