Please book in advance if you require one on one service as we are not always able to accommodate walk-ins.Product inquiries by email only. Supplier name + item number.

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Feeling overwhelmed?  Contact us with your budget and wish list and we will do all the work for you! 

 Canadian and custom sofa company . Samples  in our showroom or let us book you in at their showroom. 6-8 week wait.  They will also create any custom size you want at a 30% upcharge.
Price: Medium. We took up Statum a year ago and they are as strong as over. They are trend setting and gathering accounts daily. They offer exceptional quality and customization at the best price we've seen thus far. They also have a showroom in Vaughn that we can send you to . As they grow we realize we have to remain competitive too, so if our price isn't the lowest please let us know!

Canadian and custom sofa company as well as chairs and beds. Samples in our showroom, 6-8 week wait.
Price: Medium . Stylus offers a wide selection of products. They also offer a warranty on their solid wood frames. We use Stylus mainly for sectionals as their configuration options are endless. Stylus has been around for 50 + years and offer flawless customer service.
They are in most furniture stores, but don't worry we will offer you the best price!  
We have been selling Stylus for 10 years and have an exceptional relationship with them.

Canadian and custom dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, consoles,  beds, chairs, buffets and bookcases.  . Samples in our showroom. They will create any custom item you want, simply bring us your sketch and let us get you a price. 6-8 week wait.
Price: Medium to High. Verbois has taken off for us with their new 2015 line up. They are competing with the trendy furniture of today at a similar price point . There is one huge difference, Verbois is custom and made in Canada. They are also offering their products in solid birch wood or walnut. Excellent line ! 

Small selection in our showroom. 2 week wait. They sell coffee tables, chairs, buffets, dining tables, and much more.
Price: Medium to high. Korson offers a wide range of stylish products. We often use them for coffee tables, bookcases and media units. They offer a line up for any décor.

Canadian and custom . Small selection in our showroom.  6 week wait.
Price: Medium to high . Style, form and function.

Let us send you to their showroom  - no samples in our showroom at this time.  2-3 week wait.
Price : High. Soho is a trend setter among many followers. They have large accounts across the globe. Their admirers usually end up at Equilibrium, as we do take a price cut in order for our clients to have what they love , instead of settling.

Order in only. 2 week wait.
Price: Medium to High - The finishing touch! Orders must be over $250.00
"Marketed under and , RJS products can be found in most major retailers in North America. Our wide selection of products includes duvet covers & pillow shams, bed skirts, decorative cushions, sheet sets, quilts, comforters and pillows, throws, window treatments, table linens, bamboo towels, bamboo bath robes, shower curtains, & many other coordinating accessories. "

Order in only - no samples on our floor. 4 week wait.
Price: Medium to High . You probably recognize most of these items from our competitor's, in which case you are right. This product line is order in only at this time.

Small selection on our floor. 4 week wait.
Price: Medium to High . This line is often a long wait as it ships from BC. They have remained strong in the market due to their quality control and affordable pricing.

Canadian and custom , they will create anything you want. 6-8 week wait. We have a sample or two on our floor.
Price: High. If you like the best of the best then this line is for you. Made by Mennonites this product line is entirely hand carved and hand stained any colour you choose in and wood you select,

ArmioreBuffet with sideboardDining tableParsons dining tableQueen bed
http://rugstudio.ca/        RUGS
Canadian and custom . Samples in store. 3 week wait.
Price: Low to Medium. We have a few models on out floor but this line is primarily order in.
For what it is - custom - Canadian- durable - it is great value.

No samples on our floor at this time. 2-3 week wait. They have a wonderful selection of affordable beds.
Price: Low  . This company offers the widest selection of fabric beds at the BEST price point but with limited colour options .They also dabble in childrens furniture, commercial chairs, dining and living room furniture. A go to line for people with small budgets.

No samples on our floor. 3-4 week wait. They carry affordable lighting, modern furniture knock offs and much more.
Price: Low to Medium . This company is fast and efficient when it comes to orders. They are one of the trending knock off lines on the market today.

No samples on our floor . 3-6 week wait.
Price: Medium to High. Chances are if you have been shopping around you recognize some of these pieces. They are all over Toronto in some of the most elite furniture stores , and we happen to carry them as well! Contact us for pricing, we are happy to beat our competitors.

 Canadian and custom . We have one or two samples in store. 6 - 8 week wait.  Canadian made tables , chairs, stools, metal beds and fabric beds, accent chairs all at a affordable price point.
Price: Low to Medium. This company offers all of their models customizable - pick your fabric and stain. They are by far the most affordable when it comes to customization.

Canadian and custom . We have a sample on the floor . 6-8 week wait. Low platform modern sleek bedroom furniture.
Price: Medium to High . This company does a lot of platform beds and Scandinavian inspired products. Well worth the money.

Canadian made bedContempora bedroom collectionLow profile walnut bedContemporary bedCanadian made bedroom collection

No samples on our floor at this time. 1-3 week wait. Modern furniture knock offs.
Price: Medium to high . A lot of our suppliers do knock offs, however pink and brown offer the best quality versions.

No samples on our floor. Let us send you to their showroom.  3-4 week wait.
Price: Medium. Modern, chic, reclaimed.

No samples on our floor. 4 week wait.
Price: Medium to high

No samples on our floor. 1-4 week wait.
Price: Medium to high . This company is seen in furniture stores across Canada and the States. Their product line up is forever changing to stay up to date with todays trends.

A few samples on our floor. Let us send you to their showroom. 2-4 week wait.
Price: Medium to high . This company is used most often for Modern Knock offs. . They usually have stock, a good price point and quality which equals the best value.

No samples on our floor. 4-6 week wait.
Price: Medium to High  .  Excellent line for people who enjoy detailing in their furniture, a more traditional look.
Let us send you to their showroom. A few samples on our floor. 4-6 week wait.
Price: Low  . Great for people working with a budget. Great quality.

A few samples on our floor. 2-4 week wait.
Price: Low - Incredible fashionable furniture for a fraction of the price as the high end lines. Most pieces require assembly .

A few samples on our floor. 3 week wait.
Price: Low - fashionable and affordable.  Almost all pieces require assembly.

No samples on our floor. We may be able to send you to their showroom - contact us.  2-4 week wait.
Price : Medium to high . This is an extremely popular line in most high end furniture stores.
Let us send you to their showroom. No samples on our floor. 1-4 week wait.
Price: Medium to high. This is  a great company to work with, they care about their products and are well priced for what they have to offer.
No samples on our floor. 3 - 6 week wait.
Price: Low to medium

A few samples n our floor. 2-4 week wait.
Price: low. This company doesn't have all their product on their site. They are carried in most high end furniture stores - often the most affordable items floored.

A few samples on our floor. 4 week wait
Price: Low

3 week wait. All artwork, mirrors, lighting.
Price : Low.

Let us send you to their Toronto showroom. A few samples in store. 3-4 week wait.
Price: Medium . Ren - wil is all across Toronto seen in most department stores. Their product line features well designed lighting and other decor items including rugs.

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